When the parents have completed all the forms required for admission they will receive all of the below policies including my latest Ofsted report

  • Admission Policy - opening times and fee policy
  • Equal Opportunities Policy
  • Behavioural Management Policy
  • Health and Hygiene - Policy and Practice
  • Medication Policy
  • Illness, Exclusions and Accident Policy
  • Safety Policy and Practice
  • Child Protection Policy and Procedures
  • Special Education Needs Policy
  • Sun Safety Policy
  • Missing Child Policy
  • Complaint Procedure
  • Fire Evacuation Procedures
  • My House Rules
  • Privacy and Confidentiality Policy
  • No Smoking Policy
  • Partnerships with Parents policy
  • Procedure for Uncollected Children
  • Suspicion of Child Abuse Policy
  • Head Lice Policy, Guidelines and Practice
  • Potty training Policy
  • Late Payment of Fees policy
  • Ofsted Report

Please note:
All placements require the completion of all contract and permission forms. Parents should expect the whole process to take at least 1 hour. Without these a placement cannot be undertaken